Saturday, March 10, 2012

What is God?

What is God?  Ask 10 people and get 10 different answers. In fact, if you go to the evangelical website you will see the following statement:

"There are over six billion people in this world and each person has his or her own thoughts about God."

Many will say that they believe in God...but actually, the word "God" means different things to different people. That's why philospher/theologian Sam Keen proposed a moratorium on the use of the word a few years ago...and suggested some possible new names:

The Quantum Leaper...The Beyond Within...The Cosmic DNA...The Creating...The Original One...The Alpha and Omega Helix...The Ground and Void of Being...Etc., etc., etc. without End.

The old preacher in the "Kudzu" cartoon series of Doug Marlette (now deceased) offers some friendly advice. Rev. Will B. Dunn is working on his "Tell It to the Preacher" advice column for the newspaper and is reading the following letter:

Dear Preacher,

Do you address the Supreme Being as the "Eternal Thou" like Buber...or do you prefer Tillich's "Ground of Being" or his "Ultimate Concern?"
...or do you use Hegel's "Absolute Spirit" or Rudolph Otto's "Mysterium Tremendum?"

(Sincerely ) Seeker

Then Rev. Will B. Dunn (smiling) types his answer:

Dear Seeker,

You say it Yahweh and I'll say it mine.


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