Sunday, September 16, 2012


The question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" has hit my radar several times recently.

It is a good, thought provoking question. But at this point in my life, I find it both amusing and annoying.

Back when I served at the community service agency, I had to develop 5-year plans. These were somewhat helpful, but more often futile depending on the way the political winds were blowing. Case in point, our state funding agency sponsored a workshop entitled, "Organizational Decline and Cut-back management."

Janice and I were married in 1972 and after 2 years, we 'decided' to start a family, and my plans to be like the Waltons on TV. In 1975, instead of pregnancy, Janice was given the diagnosis that she had myasthenia gravis, a neuro-muscular disorder. She was also told by an ob-gyn specialist that it was doubtful she could ever become pregnant.

In 1993, I scheduled my pastoral study leave to attend a summer class at Andover Newton Theological School, in hopes of later enrolling in their Doctor of Ministry program. However, on my way to Boston I received news that the steeple had fallen into our church.

In 1994, 20 years after or initial plans to start a family, Janice received the news that she was pregnant.
The call from the doctor's office came on April 1st...April Fools' Day!! Quincy was born on November 3, 1994--the joy of our lives, and our only child.

Fast forward to today: I am now 65 with a 17 year-old teenager who was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome 3 years ago, and now seems to have a more severe, undiagnosed personality disorder. When an explosive crisis occurs, I'm not sure what will happen over the next 5 minutes! Somehow, we've all been able to survive, and I find myself grateful to have simply made it through the day.

Awhile ago, someone gave me a refrigerator magnet that says:


A big patch in my spirituality is covered with the word MYSTERY!?!

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