Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have known for years how much our mindsets shape all of our perceptions.

But the word "mindset"struck me in a new way this morning.

To have a MIND-SET is to actually have your MIND SET...i.e, CLOSED!

Institutions by their very nature foster a certain mindset, are protective of the status quo, and do not nurture innovation. Their "corporate culture" tends to be SET.

Back in the 60's some of us seminarians envisaged multi-media worship services.
It is 2013, and worship services have changed very little, with the exception that many of the larger churches have "big screens"; but they are mainly used to project the words of hymns, scripture verses, and to enlarge the image of the "performers" (singers and the preacher!) ...the same old format with a magnifying glass!

Our society and culture is now changing at warp speed.
And denominations and the old ways of doing church are as obsolete as the pony express.

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