Sunday, January 10, 2016


I was born on Friday, January 10, 1947.

On one of my birthdays, I received a card that said:

         'a birthday is

     the start of another
       365-day journey

     around the sun.

       enjoy the ride."

I recently realized that in turning 69,
I am now beginning my 70th trip around the sun!
(That is a big number!!)

Over my previous trips, I have accumulated many clippings --
which I consider part of my patchwork quilt spirituality.
As I begin this next trip around the sun,
I want too share some of the better ones in the coming days.
Here are a few for today:

LISTEN to the song that resonates within you,
and discover where the sacred and the everyday intersect.

When there is no wind, row.
                                      --Japanese Proverb

Hope is not pretending
     that troubles don't exist...
             It is the trust
    that they will not last forever,
         that hurts will be healed
and difficulties overcome...
             It is faith
that a source of strength
    and renewal  lies within
to lead us through the dark
           to the sunshine...

[to be continued]

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