Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sittin' and Goin' Nowhere

It's been a good while since I posted anything.
I feel like I've been sitting, going nowhere.

I could blame my malaise on battle fatigue, coping with my only son who struggles with Asperger's and teenage hormones. But my dark night of the soul goes deeper.

Living in Raleigh and seeing all the self-absorbed churches seeking new members is depressing. For example, there are 11 Southern Baptist Churches within a 5-mile radius of where I am sitting.
I can relate to Robert Redford's character in the movie, "An Unfinished Life."

After his granddaughter is rude to the visiting sheriff, he makes it clear that she is to be respectful to anyone that comes to his door...unless it is someone trying to "sell their angle on God...there's no excuse for that s*#t."

Of course, I'm rather stuck with self-absorption myself, and the "world seems too much with us."

Sometimes, perhaps it's  good enough just to make it through the day.

Recently I heard a country song that pretty much describes how I've been feeling.
It's sung by Andie MacDowell during John Travolta's movie "Michael" with these lyrics:

I'm sittin' on the side of the road
     in the middle of nowhere
I don't know where I'm goin'
     But I hope I know it when I get there

Meanwhile, I hear the question of childhood:

Are we there yet?

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