Saturday, June 22, 2013


When I was in seminary over 40 years ago, I studied enough systematic theology to realize that I would never be a theologian.

Some years later I learned that Sam Keen, who had been a seminary professor early in his career, chose not to pursue theology when his first sabbatical came up. He knew that to be regarded as a theologian, he needed to study in Germany. But he chose, instead, to go to Esalen...probably another reason I respect his free spirit.

At any rate, I recently came across one of his talks on You Tube in which he shares the following description:

"A theologian, or religious person, is like a blind person,
in a dark room,
looking for a black cat...
that isn't there...and finding."

Like all analogies, this one has its problems. But it reminds me that all discussions of spirituality need to begin with humility.

In that same talk, Sam also disparages those who would claim to be spiritual but not religious.

However, the SBNR concept still appeals to me:
I'm not very spiritual, but I want to be more congruent, grounded and centered;
I have no desire to be religious.

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